Let Wall Street occupiers know dollar depots

If an average American earns 22 thousand dollar per month is considered living in poverty line.
On an average an American earns 33 thousand dollar per month. In 2010 these ten officials earned 604.9 million dollar. One who earns 3.8 lakh dollar is considered elite in the US. Continue reading


Let fingers spell and hands speak

Have you ever banged your fist on door or table angrily? Can a newborn speak anything but cry out in discomfort when it is taken out of the womb? Didn’t our National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam went speechless and had to communicate for 30 years? Have you ever visualized of being dumb? Or thought of failing to speak due to sore throat or hoarseness of voice? Continue reading

Crores of Cars: Bane or Boon?

In the early years of life we used to hear from our elders that ‘those who study can afford a car and those who don’t do, can’t buy a car. And ignorant and uneducated people have to take ride on hired cars or others’ vehicles.’ (lekha pora kore je, gari ghora chore she, sarbajane bale, murkha jara gomrah tara porer gari chore). I don’t know who wrote the small poem further proceeds warning that those who don’t go to school most likely to be run over by a motor car. These lines never failed to inspire the people of the post colonial era particularly those who are the inhabitant of countries of the former British colony. As people tend to toe the lines of the ruling class, follow their fashion, life style they want naturally to live the life of the upper class no matter the upper class people are upright or not. The businesses or the corporate or the ruling classes lead the same life with extravaganza, paucity, power, and pelf. Spacious house certainly with costly and foreign fittings, luxurious car more often more than one etc are the token of the people of the upper class. They can’t guess or think that the more the cars the more they will be cursed. You will surely be surprised to know that international media leaked a news this year that the planet has now 99 crore 99 lakh 99 thousand cars. In the US there 23 crore cars with 1.3 persons having a car and in China there are over 7.8 crore cars.
When the world is struggling to cope with energy crisis, the automobile factories are racing against time. Without coordinated effort the international communities are trying to mitigate the energy crisis. Doing nothing to contain consumerism, hedonism, extravaganza and tendency to lead posh life the policymakers are repeatedly calling for an end to energy scarcity. Whereas the energy hungry countries are invading one country after another to ensure the supply of gas, oil, uranium or going on suggesting the countries to build dam and barrage for electricity ultimately changing the courses of nature. There are now as many as 45000 dams and barrages in the world which have done lots of damages to the mother earth. But is it possible to purify water of a well without removing the dead rat which is stinking the water there.