Let Wall Street occupiers know dollar depots

If an average American earns 22 thousand dollar per month is considered living in poverty line.
On an average an American earns 33 thousand dollar per month. In 2010 these ten officials earned 604.9 million dollar. One who earns 3.8 lakh dollar is considered elite in the US. The elites make up only one percent of the US population. On the top of the list John Hammergreen of Mack Keyson, who draws131.2 million dollar. If the income from share business and bonus is included his income reaches $1.2b. Ralf Lauren CEO Lauren 66.7 million dollar as salary which is only 10 percent of his income 630 million dollar in last year. Realtor Vornado CEO 64.4 million dollar. Walt Disney CEO Robert Bob Iger gets 53.3 million dollar. George Padge of Express Scripts draws $51.5 million but his total income is $1.29 billion. Price Line dot com CEO Jeffery Boyd’s salary is 50.2 but earns $720 million. The seventh berth in the list is held by Couch Fashion CEO Leo Frankforter who earns $880m with a regular salary of $49.5m. The next position is held by United Health Group CEO Stephen Hemsly earns $4.93m with a salary of $48.8m, followed by Omnicom Group CEO John De Rein draws $45.6m but earns $900m. The last fat salaried man in the list is Ultra Petrolium Oil and Gas CEO Mikhail Wartford whose salary is 43.7m but yearly income is $373m.
It is really surprising that common Indians don’t come out in the streets in protest against looting of the public money by the people in offices and the over 1.5 lakh crorepatis, corruption and corporates amassing wealth indiscriminately looting the wealth of the common people. Though a small number of common Indians did during the anti-corruption and anti-looting movement of Anna Hazare, there was no ‘Indian Spring’. Thanks to the Indian leadership. If common folks in America, home to 34 thousand crorepatis, can know and identify the wealth looters of Wall Street where only an officer owns over $5000 crore.
Western hegemony once and still today tried to portrait the developing nations as countries with bad political, social, economic cultures. These countries with cultures of unstable environment, unsteady economic growth, mudslinging, maligning, violent street protests, demonstration followed by torching cars and vandalising the vaults were stigmatised and branded as ‘Third World Countries’, sometimes poor countries or developing countries. These countries they think give rise to terrorism. The now the common Americans and Europeans have come to sense to recognize the criminialisation of economy by the corporates. Sense dawned on the citizens of the US that 34 thousand crorepatis have been looting their properties. With everyday passing by four persons are losing jobs due to hemorrhaging money, milked from the marginalised, for inventing and over one lakh dollar being deposited with the corporate
It is easy to blame the poor for their poverty and the extinct species for their unfitness. Some so called researchers (mostly financed by rich countries or multinational corporate) also come forward to give firm footing to the idea saying that the poor are poor first because they believe that they cannot become rich. This belief keeps them from breaking out of the poverty trap. These researchers also blame the poor that they don’t do anything to get out of vicious cycle of poverty because they feel comfortable being poor. The philosophy that it is a virtue to be poor is accounted for poverty in some countries. But these are the talks parroted by the Westerners. Nobody wants to remain poor and neither the extinct species were unfit.
Rich people’s consumerism owes an explanation of the poverty of the world people. What do we see if we look at the world’s resources? They are being concentrated with the multinational corporate in the industrialised Euro-American countries including India and China from Asia.

Who doesn’t know world resources amount to around $427 trillion. The whole humanity is mobilising this amount of money of which the crorepatis possess 10 percent. One and half a billion people are enjoying a lion share of world resources. Apart from the legal money in circulation there are lots of black money which is earned and deposited illegally. Apart from the black money in fixed deposits in local banks of countries concerned dishonest political leaders, businessmen and their aides deposit a large amount in Swiss Bank— a safe destination of black money in the Europe. These banks sometimes freeze the accounts of both military and civil rulers of different countries like Egypt, Tunisia but the bank authorities are never reported to return those assets to the people who deserve.
Black money in Swiss banks — Swiss Banking Association report, 2006 details bank deposits in the territory of Switzerland by nationals of the following countries:

Top five black money holders in the world:

India—- $1456 billion
Russia—$ 470 billion
UK——-$390 billion
Ukraine- $100 billion
China—–$ 96 billion
If IMF in spite of having around 44 thousand billion dollar in store want three lakh dollar to aid the ailing economies. When 99% resources are cumulated at the hands of 1% greedy corporate of the world youths must rise and empires must fall.


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