Patchy Politics of Pranab and the Hoipolloi Hilarious at Hillary Clinton

Indian finance minister Pranab Mukharjee came to Bangladesh coinciding with that of the visit of US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Dhaka, creating a new crescent –Dhaka-Delhi-District of Colombia. For long 64 years the US had been a trusted and strategic friend for successive Pakistani regimes, albeit not of Pak people. Now Washington DC terms the Islamic republic as a ‘failed state’. Over these years Pakistani regimes in utter disregard to its people’s opinion went on being sychophant and continued to get the facilities of the US capitalism which supported and subsidised the successive spineless govts and particularly the Pakistani army. The Pakistani armed forces received around 2000 billion dollar from the US which engaged it in ‘war on terror’, causing the former to lose 35000 Pakistani lives. All were aimed at Russia which invaded Afghanistan in 1980s. Finally it became a failed state being a friend and follower of the industrialized North. Now the US, which didn’t support our War of Independence in 1971 and engaged in food crusade against us in 1974 by suspending 2.2 million food grant and demanding an end to jute export to Cuba, has become Dhaka’s strategic friend to check the rise of China. Now the same country is branding Bangladesh as a trusted and strategic friend along with India. Pakistan received grants for its army and Bangladesh is planning to, once Islamabad’s army got trained by US army, bought US weapon most probably semi-old ones now Dhaka is hellbent on being strategic partner of the same warlord who has sided with New Delhi and trying to ‘modenize’ the army with the old stock of US weaponry. Here Bangladesh and Pakistan are on the same plane and Dhaka is toeing the like of Islamabad. So Bangladesh can await the same fate as Pakistan has now attained in a space of 64 years from May 2012.Those who have friends like the US, Israel and India need no foes.

When Rabindra diplomacy is adopted by Indian hegemony particularly by Bengali-speaking Pranab Mukharjee who is instrumental to exploit Bangladeshi generosity, Bangladeshi foreign minister Dr Dipu Moni is giving patient hearing to the deluge of Delhi assurances. Hilsha or mango diplomacy of Bangladeshi foreign minister is not working. Her Indian counterparts are hilariously devouring the tasty hilsha and mouthwatering mangoes but obviously without diplomacy. The same tricky Manmohan Singh using the same old ploy to convince our foreign minister that India will deliver on its promises given to Bangladesh though never stipulating time. The Indian leaders have got their series of excuses and Bangladesh govt is satiated with the assurances. The Mamata ploy was used not to ink Teesta deal, lack of majority is being used to deliver on other promises made to Dhaka. Though the tenure of the AL govt, comparatively more pro-Indian than BNP, is at the fag end the big neighbour is yet to deliver on its promises. But Bangladesh can’t decipher Indian diplomacy as is the case of Monmohan’s Dhaka visit. Bangladeshi leaders never have to be tricky in visiting India as the leaders of later country have to. That India will win in negotiations between Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Indian Premier Manmohan Singh lies in the fixation of summit date on September 6-7. Flood water usually recedes, leading up to lean season. The rivers now lack sound and fury of overflowing. At the end of flooding season seasoned politician Manmohan is coming to lower riparian country. Bangladesh should have fixed the date in between January and March when rivers shrink due to withdrawal of waters in upstream. Dried out rivers could have tilt the negotiations in favour of the downstream country.
Indian premier is coming to Bangladesh is not a very big news but it is even big news as it is taking place in September when the country emerges from flood and dry season dawns.
Tactful Indian high-ups successfully outwitted their Bangladeshi counterparts to set the tour in September when negotiations will tilt heavily in favour of India—upper riparian country of Bangladesh.
Protests of the environmentalists, though poor in number, are serially on deaf years.


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