Bundles of global contradictions

For which sector Bangladesh should welcome Foreign Direct Investment? What are the priority sectors for investment? It is a million dollar question when the FDI flow is on the wane. It is really difficult for a regime, suffering from the scarcity of foreign investment, to say no to FDI in less priority sectors. For their image repairing and also fattening the pockets of the ruling quarters it was necessary. What hell our civil engineers and architects and also REHAB doing? Aren’t BUET, KUET, RUET, DUET, CHUET and other 54 private universities producing who can build home on free land? Can’t our realtors with the help of engineers build homes for the sons and daughters of the soil? What’s use of these institutions if they fail to live up to the expectation? Why does Sahara group wants sovereignty? Why won’t local real estate business companies get the privileges offered to Sahara group?
How many kinds of knowledge are there? Are all the streams of knowledge applicable in life? It is not like that. There are a few words to be translated into works. All words are not matched with works. But basic tenets are to be implemented in life. For an environmentalist the act of buying one more freezes is ridiculous. It is quite contradictory for the green activists to be engaged in carbon trading. Attending an anti-tobacco procession from Shahbag is quite heartening but for the anti-tobacco activists or doctors to smoke soon after the rally. Even sometimes the activist slips out of the procession on the sly to get some puff and mistakenly burn the new T-shirt with cigar amber. Their acts disagree with the words and slogans, disgracing May 31— World No Tobacco Day. In the same way a committee comprising a bunch of smoker MPs can draft a law, prohibiting smoking in public places. The drafted law would be tabled and the parliament enthusiastically makes it into law. The newly enacted law must be implemented by a battalion of police who have smoking. It is ludicrous to think the anti-smoking law would successfully yield, making the country free from smokers and guard the women and children against passive smoking.
It is very funny to see that a smoker chest specialist is suggesting his bronchitis patient to avoid passive smoking while he himself is smoking cigars one after another. Not only that, it becomes equally funny if he found to lead an anti-smoking rally held once a year on May 31.
It is a big contradiction for an academician not to implement in his/her life what s/he knows. One who doesn’t study shouldn’t suggest others to study books. That’s why probably Islamic academicians had little to spread their religion. Sound academic track record in ‘Dawah and Islamic Studies’ department doesn’t necessarily make a student of that department a preacher of Islam.
For a manufacturer it is very silly that he doesn’t buy or consume his own product. How can an industrialist expect to give rise to local consumers whereas he himself uses imported goods. Bangladesh has a list of 1200 items in its sensitive list. Out of 61 items on Indian sensitive list 47 are readymade and textile items. Whereas at present India has nearly 480 billion dollar imports and Bangladesh exports amount to around 15-20 billion dollar. If India is friendly to Bangladesh it can buy all the exports of its small neighbour.
Where has your ancestral property gone? Is there any statistics on the financial status of the seven crore people during 80s? Like me you will certainly acknowledge that your grandpa was richer at least in terms of land. How has the per capita land decreased over the years? How many people have been rendered landless? Who is to answer the questions? One who knows but doesn’t answer the question is undoubtedly a bad guy.
What are the burning issues of Bangladesh? Why people are getting poor? Are they all gamblers, sucker or fucker and guys of dissolute character? Are the poor people themselves responsible for losing their ancestral property or for wilting under price hike? Who is to give a wake up call for the poor? Who is to make them understand the causes of their poverty? Do a large number of people know that the causes of traffic jams in cities lie in the concentration of wealth in Dhaka and Chittagong? If not ruling parties who are the patrons of crorepatis? Didn’t our fathers work and try to mobilise their resources and leave their sons and daughters in a stable condition? How did money black equaled the GDP 7 lakh 80 thousand crore taka? With all these black money Bangladesh’s total foreign loans could be repaid and the rest could be distributed among the 1.8 crore account-holder farmers of the country as the working capital. Newspaper report several thousand crore taka is being siphoned out what is three times bigger than the FDI.
To cry foul about the Shia community in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia when making full preparation for attacking the Shiite Iran. It is really ridiculous to sympathize with the Sunnis of Syria prior to that the countries pounded on Iraq on excuse of having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Whereas after the bombing campaign against Sunni Saddam Hossain the world powers found no trace of WMD. It is to waste time worrying about something that has happened that you don’t do anything about. If any country appoints people of no moral integrity into its police forces, the deterioration of law and order is sure because the force without morality will resort to corruption, women repression, violation, bribery, child molestation, even drug peddling and other sorts of crime in uniform.
India doesn’t need a pro-Sino-Pak army as US doesn’t need a pro-Cuban/Russian. A socialist or Islamist army for the US is quite unnecessary. In the same way Israel doesn’t need a pro-Palestinian/Arab army. As you disinherit your scoundrel son or disobeying daughter, so you don’t need to nurture the microbes that cause diseases in your body. You had better nourish antibody.
Why do you takes punitive measures against those personnel whose immorality was overlooked during his appointment. If your political party doesn’t practice democracy when in opposition can’t demand democratic attitudes from its activists when in power. Moreover is there any measurement scale with the capitalist, socialist or secularist to fathom the morality?
A Times of India report headlined ‘NSG boost to Hasina inner cordon’ has drawn the attention of the corners concerned about the Bangladesh. The killers of Bangladeshis on India-Bangladesh border are boosting inner cordon for their leader. Greatest ridicule on the earth!


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