Jt Secy, Cabbie join students & Bangladeshi stock traders’ suicide spree

One of the hundreds of OSD officials a Joint Secretary has relieved his employer Bangladesh Government by taking his life in the wee hours of Thursday night (12/7/12). Monowar Hossain, a talented official of 82nd batch, was made Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in January 2012 and since then he was frustrated. He had been living in NAM Garden Officers Quarter and worked for Land Ministry. Again out of sheer frustration of being left out of promotion pool he looked always sad and dejected as his son Sajjad Hossain told a Dhaka-based daily. Continue reading

What and how many things can and should a student learn?

There are full-length debates on which education can develop a student’s body, mind and soul harmoniously. A section of eastern educationists opine that though the general education system followed across the world is not failing to groom students for different tasks and jobs, but surely it is failing to imbibe students with moral teachings. Continue reading

Sponsoring sports or crores of crying crowds?

International tournaments take place in more or less 300 categories of sports no matter all of them are popular all over the world or not. As far as we know there are more than 300 names of competition. For both men and women there are more than 70 tournaments participated by a large number of nations. According to Wikipedia there are other types of tournaments which are participated by team and individuals. These sport events take place yearly to every after two, three to four years except squash which takes place intermittently— last held in 2006. Continue reading

Moon trip to entice millionaire to billionaire and billionaire to be trillionaire

Already troubled mother earth by the meteoric rise of the billionaires one British company is offering seats to 500,000-mile round trip in a converted Soviet-era space station that could take place as early as 2015. Isle of Man-based Excalibur Almaz announced at a space tourism meeting in London that it is ready to sell tickets – likely to cost around £100 million per person. Continue reading

Synchronization of Indian political parties, PILs, produces, people, power, protesters against Bangladesh

When River Titas was divided into two halves, dumping of earth in the middle of the river there was no Public Interest Litigation in Bangladesh. To facilitate transit of India which has killed and is still killing dozens of our rivers it is choked in the middle, creating two lakes. Continue reading