Get 57142.85 dollar each!

Do you want to get a fair share of the world money? If the properties of the whole planet are equally shared you are sure to get many things. If the size of the world economy is worth of 400 trillion dollar one person is supposed to get 57142.85 dollar each. Wow! As a Bangladeshi I should have 4571428.57 taka if the world properties have been distributed equally among 700 crore people.
In this way there will be no poor rather everyone will try to look for a poor to help but at the end of the day no one will be happy in making donation to the poor or spending in charity. This can be an answer to the ever-widening poor-rich gap and one way to send poverty to museum unlike those adopted by Bangladeshi Grameen Bank or Nobel Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus. Or the corporate social responsibility (CSR) has little to eradicate poverty because the corporates use here the spill over money. Some corporates do CSR or establish school or colleges to evade tax. What hell the governments are doing? Now you can change the amount of dollar into your local currency. Most probably 500 crore people will be happy getting the fair share of the planet’s properties. If looting didn’t take place in the world it wouldn’t have needed no Prophet (PBUH). If justice was meted out to every victim there wouldn’t have any revolution in any country. No law reform was necessary in justice delivery system. If people were not plundered there wouldn’t have the necessity of so many print and electronic media. The more the looters the more the media because the looters need to retain their plundering regime. Or to shield their interests from attacks of other media houses, funded by fellow companies or small and the pro-poor media. They corrupt the journalism— a great profession.
The poor people of the world need no media as they hardly get slim chances to exploit others. They don’t have to go on plundering the resources across the world bribing the international communities and the local governments. Most of them don’t have the working capital let alone black money to fixed deposit. As a journalist I am not against media. Don’t take otherwise. I believe in press freedom but I think local looters, multinational corporates and their local agents and black money holders shouldn’t have right to own and regulate media houses as a guard.
How many litres of milk do the seven billion people need? Though there risk of citing data to corroborate a reason because fact-sheet usually changes with every moment. If there are 130 crore cows are they enough to cater to world demands milk beef and natural fertilizer cowdung or dung cake for cooking food in some developing countries like Bangladesh.


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