Criticise the contemporaries, spare the dead

History of not taking lessons from human history is as historical as the history itself. Only sensible persons and true believers take lessons from history. A person, who kills his conscience, suppresses insisting inner voice and goes on compromising immorality for sure, will not pay heed to good suggestions. Among the leaders prophets were the most sincere to take lessons from rise and fall of different civilizations of the world. Hope the majorities, be they Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Jews of the world, will take lessons from the history and behave with the minorities in their neighborhood accordingly because all of them are majority in one country when minority in other country. While behaving with the minorities the majorities should remember that they are minority in a distant land apart from religious values and universal declaration of human rights.
There is a cultural savagery ritually practiced among the leaders and activists of Bangladesh Awami League, Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Toeing the lines of them a few of the Islamic political parties also criticise the dead leaders of the BNP and AL. In most cases in the parliament when AL in power hurls abuses against BNP’s dead stalwarts including President Ziaur Rahman and other nationalists the later walk out in protest. On the vice versa the former walks out of the parliament in the face of BNP’s abusive tirades against Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and other secularist leaders.
As Bangladesh experienced the lowest ever temperature last winter it is widely anticipated that mercury most likely to go to the top, breaking a new record in this summer. Those of you are physically stout and disease-resistant couldn’t have been careless about health in this simmering summer let alone those who are vulnerable to severe heat. Apart from weather being extremist many sociopolitical and religio-economic incidents and developments in Bangladesh are seemingly taking extremist turn. Suppose when atheist bloggers extremely outshined Salman Rushdie, Dawood Haider and others in blaspheming Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihi wasallam and in response to that several million people gathered in Motijheel on April 6 to denounce the defamation, blasphemy, character assassination and stigmatizing — which are prohibited in the laws of the land— the Prophet of Islam only. It was the manifestation of extreme capacity of an apolitical organization— Hefajat-e-Islam. Misinformation, disinformation and maligning to their new extreme point are going on in full swing by some so-called insiders primarily to serve the purpose of the anti-Islamic forces and countries and secondarily to debilitate the predominantly Muslim countries including Bangladesh. Speaking ill of others, backbiting of contemporaries and even back-lashing of dead leaders are done indiscriminately both by the activists of main two political camps— AL and BNP.
Even a section of good Muslims mistakenly follow the footsteps of nationalists and secularists whereas Islam teaches to spare the dead persons of being backbitten, as in the presence of Ikrama and his father Abu Jehel in the present case . It also teaches ‘la nufarriku bina ahadimmirrasuli’ not to differentiate between the Prophets. On top of all Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihi wasallam even taught his fellows not to speak ill of the idols like Laat, Hojja and others in front of their worshippers who in retaliation may speak ill of Allah. In case of facts and concrete documents one can place them very positively.


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