If per-capita loan is BDT 28000 what is debit?

It is quite clear that Bangladesh’s Gross Domestic Product is over Tk 800000 crore and total foreign debt stands at Tk 400000 crore. But it is quite unclear how many corrupt people possess how much undisclosed money. It is as vague as the ever-rising number of alcohol takers in Bangladesh. In one estimation the undisclosed money amounts to Tk 400000 crore or in another estimation by Prof Anu Muhammad the black money is as much as the total GDP itself. Then our question don’t our ten crore workforce or voters work all these years to earn anything? The total GDP is estimated thus: total consumption plus investment plus government expenditure plus (total export minus total import).
There is an untiring media campaign in Bangladesh to let its citizens know what the per-capita loan is. That sounds very disheartening for the citizens, heartening for politicians-turned-businesses or businessmen-turned-politicians, and consoling for the contractors. The breaking news on the total amount of foreign loan — four lakh crore taka in 2012 —defuses tension and possibility of mass upsurge against corruption for ministers, covers up the ‘necessary’ misappropriation of govt officials mainly up from the joint secretaries to the prime minister. The news channels help hush up the young generations from attending Tahrir in Egypt or Pearl Square in Bahrain or Occupy Wall Street in Jukuti Park in the US or Shapla Chattar on 05/05/13 in Bangladesh. The media outlet financed by prime beneficiaries of Bangladesh’s GDP growth and stricken by the fear of just transparent and welfare Bangladesh failed or deliberately didn’t cover the 20-thousand strong joint forces of police, BGB, RAB operation in the wee hours of Monday to quell the blockade/sit-in of Hefajat-e-Islam of Sunday. Often airing of such news by radio or television channels that per capita loan

Bashundhara Shopping Mall: How posh can be a shopping mall in a poor country. Internet Photo

Bashundhara Shopping Mall: How posh can be a shopping mall in a poor country. Internet Photo

now stands at Tk 28000 gives people the impression that Bangladesh has developed all these years mainly by dint of the loans. So there are many things to loathe against the capitalist republic since 1971 and their pet pundits who constantly guard the pillars of present-day economic system.
Now our question to the aforesaid persons if we have debit where is our credit. How much per capita land we are entitled to? How much arsenic-free ground and surface water of rivers flowing from the Himalayan Range and others we are supposed to drink and use? How much quality air we are entitled to breath? Who pocket the real share of Gross Domestic Product or Gross National Product? Where does the dividend of Bangladesh’s development go?
What about the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). How much FDI has made inroads into Bangladesh national debt since 1971? If you look at the FDI you will find it has got negative contribution to our economy. There is a widespread perception that none of the FDI receiving countries in the world has ever benefited from such investment.
Suppose there are 50 thousand crorepatis in Bangladesh now as the number of billionaires had been rising at a rate of four to five thousand a year since 2001 when BNP took over power, thanks to Bangladeshi democracy and capitalism of its own version. How can the loan and number of billionaires rise simultaneously?


Get 57142.85 dollar each!

Do you want to get a fair share of the world money? If the properties of the whole planet are equally shared you are sure to get many things. If the size of the world economy is worth of 400 trillion dollar one person is supposed to get 57142.85 dollar each. Wow! As a Bangladeshi I should have 4571428.57 taka if the world properties have been distributed equally among 700 crore people.
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