Is Dhaka going to be abandoned?

Dhaka has been placed at the bottom of the world’s 140 cities in 2012 in terms of living conditions—one slab down from 2011, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2012 Global Livability Survey. Continue reading


Will Bangladesh have any river after 2021?

Had Manik Bandopadhyay been very a young man and gone on an excursion to the Hardinge Bridge point of 330km-long river Padma in June, he wouldn’t have written his novel ‘Padma Nadir Majhi’. From the riverbed if he could see overhead a train passing through the Hardinge Bridge, play football match with his fellows there in the Padma ‘desert’ Bangla literature must have been deprived of the characters like Kuber majhi, his sister-in-law Kapila, Hossain and many more. Continue reading