Kids forums are linked with wars

After Harb al-Fizzar Hilf Al-Fudhul was established in 582/585AD when the sensitive mind of 15-year-old Mohammad was deeply moved. To see another children organization launched the world had to wait Great War that is World War I in 1914. Of course Lord Baden Powel launched Boy Scout in 1907-08 as Boar War had devastating effect on diverse societies including children. From Boy Scout or Rover Scout Girls’ Guide, Cub Scout were influenced. In the wake of catastrophic WWI, which ended in 1918, Save the Children was established in the UK in April 1919. After the World War II had ended in 1945, breaking out in 1939, UNICEF was kicked off in 1946. The world still needs some children organisations urgently against the backdrop of the world getting quite unsafe for the children but nothing to that scale is being seen in the horizon. Most probably the world is waiting for the Third World War to be saturated with children welfare organisations. That possible but unexpected war is most likely to give a boom to the number of children organisations. Until that tipping point of the planet probably the kids like Aylan and Galip will be being washed ashore.
Was Aylan Kurdi worthy of drawing attention of world children platforms when he was living? No he wasn’t either worthy of services provided by the Bangladeshi children organisations because Aylan or Alan was born as a child in war-ravaged Middle Eastern country Syria. On top of all a small portion of poor children born in Bangladesh avail the services of children organisations as it a developing country dogged by corruption and poverty. They are not even rich enough to keep watch on fellow Muslim country children. It could have been oil-rich Saudi Arabia to come forward by establishing international adolescents’ association and thus follow the path of Muhammad (PBUH).
But as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any nation else from the Middle East couldn’t establish international children organisation/s father of two sons—Alan Kurdi and Galip Kurdi — himself tirelessly tried to tailor his boys’ future. In Turkish temporary refugee camp, of course without refugee status and UNHCR recognition, they had stayed for three years. Seeing no future they attempted to escape the Arab world; first to Canada then to Europe but the Kurdis ended up in seas. They were washed ashore rather the humanity washed ashore. Their deaths certainly have deeply moved the children organisers across the planet including those of Bangladesh.
History of first rights organisation has a background story. At a place known as ‘Ukaz, a great annual fair used to be held during the month of Dhul-Qa’dah during which war and bloodshed were forbidden. At one of the fairs, war broke out between the Quraish and the Banu Kinanah on one side and the Qais ‘Aylan on the other. This war continued for a number of years. The lewd scenes, drunken affrays and the horrors of the war must have created a deep impression on Muhammad’s sensitive mind. When the Quraish were ultimately victorious, a organisation was formed to prevent disturbances of peace, to help victims of oppression, and to protect travellers. Muhammad took a very active interest in the functioning of this league which came into being as a result of a settlement known as Hilf-ul-Fudhul between Banu Hashim, Banu Taym, Banu Asad, Banu Zuhrah and Banu Muttalib. The league continued to function for half a century following the inception of Islam. Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) could have floated women rights organisation, committee to protect elderly people, association to assist Arabs, board to bar barbarism against the Blacks, animal rights organisation, uphold the underprivileged street urchins, green movement, anti-corruption movement, save the slaves, long march for the labourers, initiative for intellectual property rights, platform to protect our planet and the such like when he instituted hilf al fudhul to help the helpless people. Instead of treating all wounds of humanity separately he started preaching Islam once he was nominated for prophetic duty. Islam became an epitome of everyone’s rights, combining all the good qualities, theories, socio-economic systems in it.
History of children organisation in Russia, Bangladesh, China, Korea is also not long. In the first quarter of 20th century children movements in diverse names surfaced. Pioneer movement was kicked off in Russia. Bangladesh Scout Movement commenced in 1916 and China came to see children movement in the name of Little Red Scout or Little Red Guards. During this time young children’s forum was also formed in Pyongyang.
Bangladesh Scout Movement was started by SK Mallik with the patronage of British Empire primarily in missionary and government schools. Soon after 1916 anti-British movement started and then kicked off ‘bratachari’ movement. Poet Sukanta Bhattacharya came up with a children entity Kishore Bahini for leftist causes. Kolkata-based The Daily Anandabazar initiated Monimela to groom Hindu boys and girls while The Daily Azad floated Mukuler Mahfil to create worthy and Muslim citizens for Indian subcontinent. Rebel Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam rahmatullah chose the name Mukuler Mahfil and the organisation was launched on August 7 in 1941. Inspired by Mukuler Mahfil new organisation Mukuler Mela was kicked off in Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and Assam in the backdrop of Pakistan movement but in 1947 the name was changed to Mukul Fouz.

Pakistan came into being once the British quit India. The number of Mukul Fouz’s branch organisations reached 400 during 50s and 60s. After partition in July 1948, East Pakistan Boy Scouts Association was formed merely by virtue of the government patronage. Against the background of Language movement in 1952 and over two months after the martyrdom of Salam Barkat, Rafik, Jabbar children society Khelaghar was established. The Daily Sangbad was the pioneer of Khelaghar. Nineteen fifty six saw the rise of ‘Kachikachar Mela’, brainchild of Begum Sufia Kamal and Abdullah Al-Muti Sarfuddin. The Daily Ittefaq became the centre of literary activity of it’s members. With two talented pioneers at the helm — writer Rokonuzzaman Dadabhai and artist Shilpacharya Jainul Abedin — the organisation clicked in different international competitions and won many prizes. Once again it proved that every organisation needs really talented guy to train its members and make it successful. In 1963 another organisation ‘Pakistan Shaheen Fouz’ was floated. It splintered into ‘Sabuj Sena’ and ‘Shaheen Fouz’
Another war broke out in between the Eastern and Western parts of Pakistan. War of Independence in 1971 opened a new phase. Phulkunri was established in 1978. Two other organisations — Chader Haat, Surya Sena — were also working in Bangladesh like 14 others. In 1979 an umbrella organisation ‘Bangladesh Shishukishore Kalyan Federation’ combining 16 organisations. Now the federation is expanded under ‘Bangladesh Shishu Kalyan Parishad’ with 54 children organisations altogether. Most of them are working without or minimum government support both in residential area as well as educational institutions.
War is in no way expected except a large number of good soul of the world are under attack. Any trouble affects children’s mind, particularly war endangers the lives of children. War child management, treating the kids’ trauma, socio-psychological effects of gun powder on tender minds pose a great threat to children, prompting to form organisations, be it for women or for children. No one expects the surge in the number children organisations. The more the merrier can’t be applied here.